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Reading aloud to children is the most important step parents can take to build literacy and prepare them for school. In addition, research shows that poverty is the best predictor of poor scholastic achievement.

Because it serves families earning below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level, WIC is an ideal setting for early literacy intervention—the mission of the Little by Little School Readiness Program.

Low Cost. High Impact. Proven Results.

Cultivating essential home literacy habits and more, the Little by Little School Readiness Program has been proven to make a difference at a low cost. In fact, the results of a rigorous study showed that children who received Little by Little services were significantly more school-ready than those who had not.

Little by Little Program Materials and Services

Over the course of four annual visits, Little by Little provides WIC families with:

  • Age-level handouts on reading, development, household safety and family engagement
  • High-quality children’s books and safety items
  • Parental guidance tied to child development milestones
  • Connections to important community services—childcare, preschool and others

Changing Lives—One Page at a Time

Through the simple habit of reading aloud, parents truly can change the course of their children’s lives. Thus, the Little by Little School Readiness Program can and does:

  • Contribute to a healthier, more educated society
  • Help break the cycle of poverty
  • Empower children make a greater contribution to our community

For more information, or to help support the Little by Little School Readiness Program, contact:

Nicole Buck   562-222-7853

Donate: Little by Little