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WIC Impacts Families and Communities
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WIC Participation Improves Birth Outcomes

Approximately one out of four women in the United States receives WIC services. Numerous studies have shown that pregnant women who participate in WIC receive early prenatal care, have fewer premature births, fewer low birthweight babies and fewer fetal and infant deaths.

Costs of Premature/Low Birth Weight Babies

  • The average first year medical costs for a premature/low birth weight baby are $77,000 compared to $1,700 for a baby without complications.

Prenatal Care Saves Money

  • WIC prenatal care benefits reduce the rate of low birth weight babies by approximately 34%.
  • Medicaid costs are reduced between $12,000 and $15,000 for every prevented very low birth weight infant birth.
  • Every WIC dollar spent on pregnant women produces $1.92 to $4.21 in Medicaid savings for newborns and their mothers.

WIC Participation Improves the Health of Infants and Children

Fifty-three percent of all infants born in the United States receive WIC services. WIC helps ensure normal growth, reduces levels of anemia, increases immunization rates, improves access to regular health/social services and improves nutrition. Research has demonstrated that:

  • WIC infants are in better health than eligible infants not participating in WIC.
  • WIC benefits positively influence the nutrient intakes of infants and children.
  • WIC participation is associated with increased use of preventive care and improved health status of children.

WIC Supports the Community

WIC Brings Dollars

  • In California, WIC foods purchased at grocery stores bring communities approximately $62 each month for each WIC participant. Approximately 1.5 million mothers, babies, and children receive WIC foods each month which adds approximately $93 million into communities across California.
  • WIC supports community healthcare providers by encouraging WIC families to receive regular health care.

WIC Brings Healthy Foods

  • Authorized WIC vendors are required to stock healthy foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low fat dairy products and other healthy food choices. These communities may otherwise lack such healthy choices