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PHFE WIC Dietetic Internship
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Entrance Requirements

Curriculum and Graduation Requirements

Mission Statement, Goals and Outcomes

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The PHFE WIC Dietetic Internship Program provides a part time one year internship. The PHFE WIC Dietetic Internship provides 1220 hours of supervised practice and 150 hours of didactic instruction. Interns spend 360 hours in food service management, 360 hours in medical nutrition therapy, 420 hours in community nutrition practice and 80 hours in an elective rotation. Interns do not replace employees in the workplace.
Rotation Hours
Food Service Managementt 360
Medical Nutrition Therapy 360
Community Nutrition 420
Elective 80
Total Supervised Practice 1220
Graduation Requirements for Dietetic Internship
  • Completion of at least 1220 hours of supervised practice.
  • Successful completion of all rotations and assignments as determied by preceptors and Internship Director evaluation of intern's performance.
  • Successful completion of required core Competencies for Dietitians and Competencies for Community Nutrition Management Concentration as outlined in the curriculum.