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PHFE WIC Dietetic Internship
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Estimated Costs
Although there is no tuition fee for the PHFE-WIC Dietetic Internship, a great deal of time, energy and financial resources go into the training of PHFE-WIC interns. If a Dietetic Intern stays for a period of two years after completing the internship, they will have repaid the investment that was made on their behalf. If they voluntarily leave before fulfilling this commitment, then they will be required to reimburse PHFE-WIC $8,000 for the cost of their training.
The average monthly cost of an un-furnished apartment in the Los Angeles area is:
Studio $800.00
One Bedroom $1000.00
Two Bedroom $1500.00
Professional Fees
Local District Dietetic Association Dues - $25.00
Fee for Registration Exam - $200.00
Automobile transportation to affiliations and classes - $2800.00
Automobile Insurance - $1500.00
Clothing (lab coat. shoes) books, office supplies, etc. - $1000.00
Computer and printer - $1500.00
PHFE WIC Interns are eligible to apply for the California WIC Association California Nutrition Corps (CNC) Scholarship